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We always offer the best deals in town on all computer PC services. It will take you only one minute to call us and you will save time and money. Our friendly staff is on standby, ready to assist you.


We provide an exclusive service that saves you time, money and headaches. A member of our staff will come right to your house and help you or pickup your computer depending on the complexity of the issue. If we do need to take your computer to our lab, you will NOT be charged any extra fees.

Spyware and Adware Removal | $39.99 (on-site)

Spyware is currently running on and slowing down 97% of computers worldwide. What are the chances that your computer is not one of them? We can effectively remove all traces of spyware running on your PC.

Complete Computer Tune-up | $99.99

(pick-up and drop off PC tune-up special)

We pick up your computer, clean it and then bring it back and hook it up for you. Usually takes between 24 - 48 hours.

This is our best selling service. You get a complete computer tune-up and we also include 2 free complimentary programs to help you keep your computer problem free. Below is a listing of exactly what you get.

* spyware and adware removal

* virus removal

* registry tune-up

* internet optimization

* full hardware scan

* free antivirus software

* free antispyware software

Software or Hardware Install | $49.99 (on-site)

Improper installation of software or hardware can damage your PC. We can install any software or piece of hardware you have purchased. If you are not sure of how to do it, it's a better choice not to do it. Please note that there are extra charges for Operating System installations.

Data Recovery | $99.99 per Hard Drive (pick-up)

Lost files by accidentally deleting them or while formatting your hard drive? We can efficiently restore your lost and deleted files in our lab using the latest technology available today. Some conditions apply.

Wireless Router / Router Connection | $59.99 (on-site)

For most people, trying to configure a wireless connection can be a painstaking venture of endless hours of going around in circles. Let our friendly staff efficiently install your wireless system. Our listed price includes 2 computers. Each additional PC beyond this is $20 extra.

Computer Assembly | $79.99 (on-site)

We can assemble your entire system for you. This can be a wise idea to be sure that everything is properly connected and it can help you save the risk of failure problems that may arise from improper connections.

Note: All services listed are subject to a 7% GST charge upon payment.




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